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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Goodbye, I'm A-Leavin'

I have often had cause to doubt that substantial numbers of people are actually reading these reviews, especially since this blog is devoted primarily to reviews of new, first run releases and I see very, very few of them, as a result of which the posts are few and far between (and who follows a blog with such infrequent posts?). However, I did start writing reviews of the movies I see at second-run theatres on the Hubpages site a little over three months ago, a site which, among other things, allows you to track the number of page views, both for individual reviews and cumulatively. I must say I have been very surprised: in the first two and a half months there were 400 page views, and in the two weeks since then another 200 for a current total of 600. Obviously, people are seeing the reviews there (I post them much more frequently there, of course). So I have decided to move the reviews of the infrequent new releases that I see to that site as well. I can't CALL them "Secondhand Reviews" (my name for the second-run movie reviews) of course, but I'm sure I'll come up with some appropriate name for them. At any rate, if there IS anybody reading this, and you want to continue to read my occasional reviews of new releases, you can go to Http://
That's the first column I wrote there, with reviews of "Up", "Star Trek" and "Drag Me To Hell", but it also contains links to every other review I've written for Hubpages, as well as a link "Other Hubs By JBunce", which will let you navigate to everything else as well. If there is anyone out there, I hope to see you at Hubpages soon...