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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Revised Top Ten

Due to the graciousness of several friends (thanks much, folks!) I have been the recipient of a number of Landmark Theaters passes that have enabled me to catch up with a number of 2006 releases I've missed, including two that were so good I felt compelled to revise my previously published art house top ten list to include them. The commercial top ten list stands as originally published. Also, I have recently been able to see "Letters From Iwo Jima", which I thought very highly of and which will almost certainly make my top ten list... however, the list for 2007, since I count a film's WIDE release (assuming it has one) as my criteria for what consitutes a release of any given year. Anyhow, here we have the revised art house top ten.

10. Gilaneh (Iran)
9. Cache (France)
8. Jesus Camp (USA)
7. An Inconvenient Truth (USA)
6. Sweet Land (USA)
5. Volver (Spain)
4. The Great New Wonderful (USA)
3. The Shutka Book Of Records (Serbia)
2. Tristram Shandy (U.K., England)
1. The Hidden Blade (Japan)