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Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Blog

For some time now I've dedicated this blog almost exclusively to reviews of movies I've seen as new, first run releases, though the majority of what I see is second run (with the occasional exception like "Angels & Demons" because of a request and "Day The Earth Stood Still" because it had been too long since I'd written a negative review). I finally decided it might be time to start a new blog specifically for reviews of the second-run titles. I've hesitated to do this for several reasons, not the least of them being that a movie that's been out long enough to get into the second run theatres has probably already been seen by about 3/4 of its potential audience. However, I suppose there are a large number of people who wait for the DVD, so maybe you can consider these to be DVD reviews (me, I've never owned a DVD player and never watched a movie that way). Anyhow, the new blog is called "Secondhand Reviews" and can be found at
It currently has one review posted there, for the newest animated film from Pixar, "Up". I'll probably be posting one for "Star Trek" later this week.

I do plan to continue using this space for reviews of the first-run films I see, but if you have any interest in my comments on the slightly older stuff (not that you should, at least not if you're in your right mind) you now have that option.